Love & Correction's E-Learning

How To Study The Bible

Love & Correction's "How To Study the Bible" is a lecture; or theological study, NOT THE AVERAGE BIBLE STUDY!!! Consisting of five key questions you must ask when learning the Bible. Its purpose is to produce a hunger for wisdom and knowledge through the word of God; and, to redirect the body by shifting its focus and understanding, forcing the church to deal with its incumbent position.


"For too long the body of Christ/God's people have been in a constant state of hemorrhaging, while the redemptive work of Christ and who we really are, have seemingly fled our comprehension; and ultimately our understanding


We have overly complicated the simplicity of the gospel and rendering it as Christ have said, “Of none effect!”… The in-effectiveness of such has crippled the Hebrews/church and indisposes the body of Christ from its work.


"How to study the Bible" helps us grapple and obtain what the bible is; who is it written too; how it was written; who is its focus; why; and much more! 

This is a simple, yet  comprehensive course on how to approach the bible. In this course, I present five key questions you must ask yourself; questions you must know and understand in studying God's word. All in a very complete curriculum, designed to help you in your relationship with God.

You will learn:

  •  What is the Bible? 



  • Who wrote the Bible? 


And importantly ,

  • Who is the Bible written to?!


And let’s not forget,

  • Who or what is the Bible’s focus?


And finally,

  • How is the Bible setup?


  • This course is perfect for those desiring a closer relationship with Christ!

  • Those who want to learn the proper way to view the Bible

  • Students in Seminary or introductory Bible class

  • New Converts of Christ/Seasoned Converts

  • Supplement to group Bible Studies/Gatherings

  • Any called of the Five-fold ministry