Artist: MyaMarie

Written and Produced by: KevinL.Lipsey



In my life, I've experienced a great deal of hardship and pain. My story is one of faith and trust; trials and tribulations; victory and overcoming! All these are in connection with my success as a singer, songwriter and producer of Gospel/ Christian music..."God has truly gifted me with great talent, I owe it all to Him!" 


Music is an extension of my life and it reflects the intent of God’s wisdom amid the affliction. As an artist, my desire is to communicate these powerful messages through song to audiences across the globe.

"New Music" Coming Soon!!


As an author, my story excels through the compilation of words assembled together forming a complete soliloquy of my life.  "Waiting on God”  is a book that describes the story of two people who discovered that by God maturing us spiritually, causes one to meet the complete purpose that He has for your life. It expresses how God in breaking us, no matter painful, was necessary for our growth and development; and how everything we thought we knew of Him, and the way He works, was tested!   


This story will take you on a journey filled with twist and turns, ups and downs through our real life story! It expresses poetry and teachable ministering moments... So go with us in times of happiness and sadness as God move us toward His purpose for our lives.           

“Waiting on God" is here, get ypur copy today!!