The Importance of  

Waiting on God

Kevin Lipsey Sr.
Stephanie Lipsey


This highly recognized leader, whose studies in theology, apologetics and world religion, have made him a sought-after authority within the body of Christ. Currently a shepherd for many, in this season God has positioned Kevin Lipsey, Sr., on assignment through KLMinistries, Inc. to evangelize, teach and preach, bringing order to the body of Christ through love and correction. His purpose is to impart truth and transcend all denominations, bringing believers into maturity, and teaching the importance of waiting on God.

Married to Kevin Lipsey since 2000,
she has embraced the many facets of ministry. During the years, she has assisted many women in their relationships as it pertains to marriage, children, and business. As a master cosmetologist, Stephanie uses her platform to give godly counsel as she help women appreciate their beauty from the inside out. She enjoys helping others and is passionate about natural hair and wellness. In this season, she assists her husband in ministry and is the co-owner of a natural hair salon in Midtown, Atlanta. Stephanie and Kevin, together has a blended family of four wonderful children.