Pastor Kevin L. Lipsey Sr.


Pastor Kevin Lipsey is a third generation representative of bishops, preachers, teachers, evangelist and psalmist; he received his calling 18 years into making. Born in the city of Savannah, Georgia, he gave his life to the Lord at 21 and succumbs to his imminent calling by the age 23 in Atlanta, Ga.
As a pastor's son, he would learn the responsibilities of ministry, love, and the service of God's people prematurely. However, Pastor Lipsey became an accomplished singer, songwriter and producer of gospel music; but placed his music aside to pursue the prize of an advanced calling in Christ Jesus. 

Afterward, he would become a proficient musician and formal minister of music within several ministries before leaving to embark on his road to preach and teach the word of God. 
Pastor Kevin Lipsey studied Theology, Hermeneutics, Apologetics and World Religion in the private sector under the tutor-ledge of renowned and notable Doctor, Pastors/Teachers and Professors; his Professor, Dr. Bishop T.A. Body and Pastor John Harvey. The Ordination Council with Pastor Posey Redmond, and Pastors Al Johnson, John Mason, Carl W. Dorsey and Dennis Bowens would deem him called and equipped. Pastor Kevin Lipsey Sr. was confirmed by the Presbyterian council and proven by God; and received his accommodations from the ecclesiastical court of elders and minister's necessary to fulfill the call of God. Since that time, he has enjoyed kingdom success in preaching and teaching; serving as co-pastor; evangelizing; and serving the body of Christ at large. 
Pastor Kevin Lipsey is the author of the book entitled “The Importance of Waiting on God.” He resides in Atlanta, Georgia with family. His passion is family, people, community and to promulgate the gospel through his many gifts and talents.

His desire is to teach God’s people the truth in God’s word; instructing them on God’s plan for their lives; His acceptable way of living, and obtaining eternal life through love.

 30years of ministry experience