The Minister's Corner


The Minister's Corner is a blog of collective writings or teachings by Kevin Lipsey Sr., designed to bring order and correction to the Body of Christ.


These writings are thought-provocative as they compel believers to conduct self-evaluations, thus perfecting the Body with the word of God.

God's Plan For Us

In order for us to understand God's plan for us, we must understand God's original intent! Contained within that intent is prosperity! Prosperity equates to being successful! However one needs wisdom and knowledge to obtain it! Knowledge means to know and wisdom is "The ability" to carry it out! When carrying it out one needs unity; Unity demands individual rolls being defined; which when defined, creates a holistic view of God's plan for marriage.


The Genesis account breeds reality, truth and intent; however, it depicts that reality and intent gone terribly wrong in conflict! And yet contained within it, is a understanding of that true intent still relevant and applicable today while man is in a fallen existence! It will take total obedience, responsibility, accountability, strength and fortitude, humility, Love and faith, for us to go back and then move forward in "God's plan for us!"


In order for us to have a sustainable existence in family, we must pay close attention to individual roles and responsibilities within the marital structure; "the future the family and marriage depends on it."


Now I must use a disclaimer here:I will speak to you from what I call, "a doctrine of intent!"


The Bible says that, The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9 KJV)

His will suggest his (intent), however God recognizes that some will not adhere to His will or (intent); as I'm sure some of you will not enjoy or adhere to what I'm about to say!

It is important for us to understand that the fall does not give us an excuse to abandon our god-given role; but rather it necessitates, confirms and rehabilitates "the original intent!" The punishment of the fall validates the intent! This manifest's regeneration for the individual role, birthing God's plan for our lives!

In other words: his plan for us is to get back to the intent or his will for us; this defines the male role and the female role!


Note: In order for us to get to the intent, we must obey in the punishment!


The Genesis account: Marriage



Recently I experienced what I consider an un-timely prophetic word! It saddened me that one would say that God was showing them something that clearly was not evident to the recipient! 

Prophecy should serve as confirmation or affirmation, not revelation after which Christ has been divulged in this age; therefore illumination is preferred!

There are many voices in this world friends, but none of which that are not without significance. Know the voice of God people, for yourself!!!

"My Sheep know my voice, and a stranger they will not follow!”

We must be careful not to speak a thing presumptuously or without knowledge from God on the thing expressed. People's lives may be hanging in the balance as they desire to hear from God, but sometimes are given false un-timely words from men!                  

I understand that some mean well, however that's not the focus here! The false or un-timely word told can be, if allowed, a serious stumbling block or hindrance to the recipient! This is why one must know the voice of God for him or herself, that the very "elect would not be fooled!"

The word of God clearly states that “many shall have their conscience seared with a hot iron”, falling prey to false doctrine (words)! We must as a body demand more accountability from those who are in leadership, that there shouldn't  be such depravity that exist among us;” know ye not that a little leaven, leavens the whole lump?” 

These things I say are out of LOVE; it expresses my desire to see that these things aught not be within the body of Christ!

-Love and Correction-